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“My experience with The Vila Group has been satisfactory and has made my first purchase of a home easy and fast. I never thought that in such a short time I could be a home owner in a condominium so beautiful and well planned as Vila del Sendero”

“Without a doubt a unique experience. The place is beautiful, the attention and help is incredible, always  very attentive, and keeping the buyer informed of everything”

“We are very satisfied to have chosen Vila del Lago as our option to have our dream of owning a home. We made an investment within our budget and were given a quality product.  The time for completing the sale, financing and construction was much faster than we expected. We were well advised and all paperwork was readily made available"

The Vila Group is a development company with 10 years in the Costa Rican market.


It began by providing the Costa Rican population a quality product comparable to any other condominium in the market at an affordable price. This was possible to achieve only through a completely untraditional construction system in Costa Rica. It is for this reason that the Vila Group was one of the first development companies with this system. This system is now implemented by old and new developers and construction companies who have seen the success.


The Vila Group has as its mission not only to develop housing but also to develop a product that is within the means of   Costa Ricans and who can generate a profit in a few years for future new investments.


The Vila Group has developed projects in Alajuela, Heredia and soon in the Eastern part of the country.


Our projects are developed in accordance to the needs of our clients with the best quality of the market, combining security, quality and comfort in an atmosphere of nature and peace. We construct housing projects offering quality and style accessible to middle class Costa Ricans. This is the moment to begin an investment that will provide financial security to you and your family.  Our projects offer housing for each need at a price you CAN afford.

This includes professionals just beginning their profession, newlyweds/ and or beginning a family, and families that as yet have not acquired a home, among others.


Our mission is to provide housing solutions of high value to elevate the quality of life of our clients.


Our vision is to offer an opportunity to those Costa Rican families to have their own home and to build a life Project with us.


Our personnel is specialized in the development and design of housing that adjusts to the needs of our clients: security, quality, design, and affordable prices are the central values. We have combined experience and managerial skills to build more efficiently and to offer an excellent product at a more affordable price.

Our directors have worked with large developers at a worldwide level to bring their experience in construction, management, planning and design.


The location of our projects is selected based on proximity to offices, schools, health centers, commerce and transport. The housing designs are balanced maximizing space, natural light and elegance within the objectives of affordable prices. Combining these housing characteristics together with the multiple recreational facilities offered in our developments provide our clients with a higher living quality in the Metropolitan Area of San Jose.


Grupo Vila, S.A. (GV) develops a housing program in partnership with U.S. investment through Grupo Viviendas Latinoamericanas S.R.L, a holding company that joins several companies.


The directors of the Vila Group bring the experience of thousands of homes built worldwide. Projects in Rumania, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico are only some of the many developments in 35 years of professional experience.


Our investment partner has as members U.S. pension funds and public institutions and presently has similar projects in Chile, Brazil, Mexico, and the United States.

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Steps to acquire your house
1. Reserve your house
3. Quality control and site visits during the construction process
5. Guarantees
2. Financing
4. Home turnover

Grupo Vila offers complete counseling’s on the financing of your home with different bank options. Later we will follow through with the credit from pre-qualification to the closing and hand over the keys to your new home.

You can be part of the construction process of your future home. You can coordinate periodic visits with an agent to see advancements in such a way that you can verify our quality in during the construction process.

Our clients have the security they are acquiring a product of quality but in case a repair is necessary a professional repair department is available to resolve any problems or inconveniences quickly in accordance with Cost Rica law and to meet our objective of client satisfaction.

After fulfilling quality control procedures, we turn over the house ready to be enjoyed by your family.

You can reserve your house with $500 and sign a sales contract establishing sales conditions and a detailed description of finishing details on the construction.


*Images of the project include architectural designs that can vary according to each unit. The furniture and appliances are not included with the units. For more information contact the 800-00-CASAS.

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